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Web Design San Diego Loves!

Website Designer San DiegoAnd it shows! We’re excited to bring you this publication and the upcoming publications about web design, other web services, and how they affect your business. We’re business owners too. We know the ups and downs, the joy and despair, and all the other emotions that go along with owning (and running) your own business. So now we pledge to bring you information, tips, and education about setting up, marketing, and maintaining your business on the Internet.

Over 8,000 websites later we’re ready to share. You’re not going to find a more direct, honest approach to web services than what we’re giving here so get ready to get some great information.

So let’s kick this off!

Oh no… we’re going to get down to basics. That might illicit a *groan* from more experienced business web operators but you know what? Every once in awhile you need to step back and take another look at the basics in case you’re missing some. Our post for today is going to focus on 3 simple items to focus on when you start your website. So sit back and just listen to a few ideas from some seriously experienced guys who are going to impart some wisdom your way (some you may already know).

Step 1. Plan ahead

Mark… what the heck does that mean? Well… it could mean a lot of things but ultimately what I’m trying to convey is don’t walk into a website without doing some planning. Here are a few items to focus on with your planning:

  • Your Domain Name – so what the heck Mark? It’s supposed to be my business name right?  No… no… NO! Stop being so vain! We all want our domain name to be our company name.  But your vanity will be your lack of planning. So listen to web design tip number 1!
    • Buy 2 domain names.  The first one you buy will be your company name.   The second one you buy is the one that you will use for your website. That is the one that has your service(s) in it.  For example,  if you are in the restaurant business and you serve Italian cuisine in Mira Mesa then register something like www.italianrestaurantsmiramesa.com for your domain name.  So why Mark? Ok… let me tell you. It’s because having the service or product type in your domain name  helps the search engines know what you’re about and helps rank you a bit better.

Step 2. Create the website, don’t wait

Well Mark… you’re a web design company so I think you have a  hidden agenda here!  Let me help you with wisdom generated from my own mistakes. The longer you wait to create your website the less validity you have everywhere. That includes not seeming professional or long standing with your customers all the way up to  not being as well ranked later because your domain name is not so old that Google thinks is aged and wise.   This, of course, also refers back to planning ahead and it’s so important.  Let’s say you start your business today and 3 years later (don’t laugh… it happens… time flies) you decide to launch your website. You’ve now lost 3 years of exposure on the Internet and ranking from the search engines.  Bad news for sure.

Step 3.  Don’t be Naïve

Now I’m offended Mark!  Well… please don’t be. That’s not my intent here. Let me explain something we’ve seen from servicing so many customers.  We service clients from every walk of life, continent, and industry and the one overriding concern we have with each new project is helping a client understand that a beautiful website isn’t the end of the road.  Although that’s where many people stop… (at the creation of the website) … they find out later it’s the wrong move to create a website without marketing it.  A great looking website, without marketing, is like a billboard in the desert. It might look great… but no one will ever see it.  Now you get what I’m saying. Market your website. There’s tons of free and paid ways to do it.  If your lucky enough to live in San Diego, we might even get a chance to talk personally about how to do this (ok… yea… even if you don’t live hear we talk to you).

So there you go. The first 3 tips. Back to basics. Back to ideals of how to start your web business.  Back to business.


See you shortly with my next post!

Thanks for tuning in.