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Web Design QuoteOver 30,000 websites are hacked each day. Fill out our quick scan request form and we will scan your WordPress website for security issues. It’s that simple!

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    Can it Happen to You?

    It can. Maybe it has already. There’s no room for error with your business on the line.  You need to keep your WordPress website protected.

    How do WordPress Sites Get Hacked?

    There are tons of ways hackers try to get into your WordPress website.  It can be from SQL injection, brute force, plugin exploits and many other ways.  If you’re not protecting your WordPress website you are not protecting your business. Usually hackers send out “bots” to find the sites and then infect them. It’s usually not one guy sitting at a desk trying to get into your website. They go after thousands of them at a time.

    Can You get Protection for Your Site?

    Yes. We can help you with proactive (and reactive) measures for protecting your WordPress website.  Don’t wait until it’s too late. Once you’re hacked, it can run you upwards of $500 to unhack your site.  Need protection?  Call us for a consultation. We’re here for you!

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