Websites for Puppy Stores

websites for puppy stores

We Don’t Just Design Your Pet Store Website. We Help You Sell!

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How We Help You Sell

Websites for Puppy StoresMost websites for puppy stores don’t give you lead generation. They just show you some pictures and then you have to hope the customer calls you or comes in . With our website and lead generation system you get inquiries right through the website for the specific puppy the customer is interested in. Our system allows your potential customer to ask for a hold on the puppy and generates a follow up lead for you:

Site Owner Options

  • Add Puppy Image
  • Add Breed and DOB
  • Add Gender of Puppy

Customer Options

  • View the Picture of the Puppy
  • Request to “Hold” the Puppy
  • Give you Their Contact Information
Admin Options

The administration for the website allows you as the puppy website owner to add images of the puppy, breed, specify the date of birth, and the gender. See All Features

The Hold Process

Your customer will see the puppy information and request to put a “Hold” on the puppy. They receive a quick form to fill out that is then emailed directly to you as a lead!

Typical Leads

Here’s a sample of the leads you get from your website: “Hi, that maltese is just adorable! Is she still available? Can I put a hold on her and come in and see her today?”

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To see a live store in action click on the link here: puppies for sale san diego.

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