Responsive Web Design Penalty from Google


Google Now Penalizes You for
Not Updating Your Website!

    Penalty Check

    and what’s worse is if you’re not a webmaster you might not even see Google’s alert to you!

    What’s happening…?

    Google is now notifying webmasters when their web pages are not optimized for mobile devices. If you don’t fix it Google will be penalizing your site by demoting your ranking. They mentioned they would start doing this a while ago but it’s started already.

    See Notification ➟

    Is Your Website Old and Small on Mobile Devices? If so, you’ll get penalized!

    What Can You Do?

    You Must Upgrade/Update Your Website!

    Now there is no choice. If you want to retain your rankings on Google you’ll need to make your website Responsive.

    The Good News…

    Fortunately many websites can be upgraded quickly and easily to become mobile friendly without breaking the bank. See if your website can be upgraded by filling out the form on the right.