Ranking your business well in Google

Want to rank higher in Google?

The most recent updates by Google have created quite a stir for businesses who rely on rankings in the search engines.  If your website is not well ranked or dropped in ranking you need to do something about it to get your business visible.

We are launching a series on how to rank your website in the search engines.

How do you get the steps on getting ranked well?

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Step 1.

Ranking well in Google requires both “On Site” optimization as well as “Off Site” optimization.  The first step in our series shows you what you need to do to start the process of getting good ranking for your website.
1. Place your website on a quality content management system such as WordPress.  Content is king with Google, and while it’s not the only thing important, it’s the starting point. That’s why …
2. There are multiple plugins for WordPress.  Quite a few of them are geared toward SEO.  To easily optimize your website for the search engines you need to install the …  Find Out More