Mobile Friendly Websites – Why They Are Important







Three Reasons Why your business needs a

Mobile-Friendly website






We don’t often tell clients they MUST do something but we are telling you that you MUST make sure your website gets Mobile Friendly.

What is a mobile-friendly website?



More than just mobile phones



Don’t Be Confused…We’re Not Talking About an App


Apps are…
–Software applications
–Usually specific to the mobile device Operating system
–Downloaded to the device

Mobile websites are…
–Optimized for display on mobile devices
–Intended to be accessed across all mobile devices
–Nothing to download


Why You  Need To Be Mobile Friendly!


1. Mobile is Growing FAST!



2. And in Local it’s Starting to Dominate!





3. Mobile Searchers Take ACTION!




9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action…over half leading to a purchase!

And Buyers are Getting Picky!




 Your Business Can Reap the Benefits!

84% of local businesses with a mobile-friendly website see an increase in new business.

Let’s Recap


Having a mobile-friendly website means…

–Stand out from the crowd

–Better user experience

–Professional presence

–More traffic

–More sales



It’s Time to Go Mobile!


Your visitors expect mobile, don’t let them down!

Stand out as a leader in your space

Make it easy for your visitors to take action

Keep it simple!


 We’ve Made It Easy!

Start now by getting your FREE Mobile Design. There is No Obligation to Buy.

Get Mobile. Get Business.