Directory Advertising

Directory Advertising

Advertising directories provide people with the ability to promote their business and/or product. They are also important to consumers who use them to locate what they are searching for.

What is Directory Advertising?

In short, it is advertising that appears in a specific directory. A popular example of directory advertising can be seen looking at companies that place ads in the Online Yellow Pages directory. Yellow Pages carves out certain categories in their directory to provide an easy format for looking up many different service providers.  This is a general directory. There are also companies that provide industry specific online directories. For instance, if you run a Law Office, you can seek out directories dedicated only to legal/law online services.  Within these directories you would be placed in your appropriate category, so when the directory is searched by consumers they will find you as their target.

Benefits to Directory Advertising:

Directory Advertising provides you with all of these benefits:

  • The ability to be found when someone makes a targeted search
  • Allows you to target types of customers rather than trying to blanket advertise
  • Enables you to be seen in your target industry
  • Enables you to retain more control over your results

Why use Directory Advertising?

Not everyone uses Google as the first place to look online. Some people, when searching for a service provider or product supplier will go directly to their known and trusted directory to find someone, or find an industry specific directory. If you’re not there, they won’t find you.  Advertisers brand themselves, causing many people to go directly to their website, if you are there, you will be found. For example, you may here a radio ad saying “find us on yellow”, that message sticks in the persons head, and they may in turn go to that website to find the information they are seeking.  Advertising in directories is an affordable and effective marketing tool for all small businesses. This type of advertising offers a targeted way of spreading the word about your business to a large numbers of consumers.

What venues are available for Directory Advertising?

The most typical venues available are:

  • Search Engines (ie. Google, Yahoo, Bing, more)
  • Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, more)
  • Online Forums  & Individual Websites

Do need someone to manage my Directory Advertising Services?

The answer to this lies within you.  What is your time worth?  Like anything else on the web, having to learn something new can be time consuming. If you have plenty of time on your hands, and don’t mind spending extra money to figure out the ropes, then you can do it yourself.  If you’re like most busy professionals and you’re wearing 10 hats and need results then rely on the experience of a web services provider to get it done for you.  Companies like websiteservice4all offer the service setup for under $300 and a small monthly management fee to review and optimize results.

More Information on Directory Advertising:

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