fake linkedin emails

LinkedIn Virus Email Alert
Are you receiving communications from LinkedIn asking to be added to your network? If you’re like everyone else using LinkedIn you’re looking to connect for business development purposes in hopes of creating some good channels for increasing your business.
Watch Out!

I’ve put out this alert to assist those who do not regularly update their antivirus software or (hopefully not) don’t run antivirus software.

There has been an increase in phishing, scam, and virus emails going across the internet and LinkedIn is one of them. If you receive a message from someone in what looks to be a LinkedIn message to your direct email (see below) make sure to check the button and links by mousing over them to view where they take you! If the link does not say "linkedin.com" in it but instead goes to any other website you’re most likely being taken to a virus laden website which may infect your computer or steal information from you.

Take a look at the screenshot below and be safe!