edynamo and websiteservice4all

Information about the change to eDynamo account services

Some exciting changes are occurring at eDynamo!

eDynamo has been upgraded to WebsiteService4all!

What does this mean for you as an eDynamo customer?

This is great news for eDynamo customers!  eDynamo will continue to provide website design and search engine services that you’ve come to count on over the years.  We’ll now be combining forces with WebsiteService4All to provide and develop new and innovative products for your business.

Here are just a few services that WebsiteService4All will be bringing to you.

  • Unlimited Hosting Services
  • Easy  to Use Scripts for your Business
  • Pay Per Click Marketing Services
  • Social Networking Services
  • Upgraded Project Management Services
  • Upgraded Maintenance Ticketing Systems
  • And a whole lot more will be coming up!

IMPORTANT Business Bonus Value:  As a WebsiteService4all customer you also receive the discount rate on online marketing services we pass along to you for companies we partner with.

For the month of June, WebsiteService4all has partnered with imSMB to provide your business with ONLINE DIRECTORY LISTINGS. This advertising service (normally valued at $399/year) is discounted for you as a WebsiteService4All customer at only $70.00/year.  Your business information (including website address, phone, and more) is listed in over 300 online directories such as:

SmartPages        Internet Yellow Pages   Kudzu   TomTom     Garmin     more…

You may go here to take advantage of this immediate savings:  http://www.imsmb.com/signupdirectad/

Billing Information:

As of May 31, 2010, you will start to be billed by WebsiteService4All for your services.  You will not receive any price increases nor will the terms of your service change.  Everything will remain the same with your account except for the change in billing name.

Your credit card statement will reflect your charges with:  webstesvc4all-edynamo as the payee and will be shortened to webstesvc4all at a later date.

Contact Information:

You may continue to utilize all contact methods you have been using to coordinate service with us.  These currently include phone, email, chat, and the project management system.

All information is listed here below for your convenience:

Website address:                                                 www.websiteservice4all.com

Phone:                                                                   1-877-629-3374

Billing email:                                                         billing@www.websiteservice4all.com

project management and ticketing services:  www.websiteservice4all.com/projects

As always, we appreciate your business and commit to the success of your business online.

Look for more great values for your business coming available soon!