Answering Service for Your Business?


               Why would your Business Use

an Answering Service?


It depends on whether or not you want happy customers, and then if you want those customers to be able to reach you at all times, so you can make a sale or retain an existing customer.  Here are some thoughts on why every business should use an answering service:


  • Have you yourself ever been annoyed, irritated, furious at reaching a voice recording (aka “Voice Jail”), unable to reach a live person?  How did that make you feel about the company you were trying to reach?  Now imagine your customers feeling that way about your company.
  • Answering Services dramatically improve customer satisfaction and increase revenues through capture of all potential customer calls.
  • Answering Services save you time and relieve you from having to listen to salespeople, telemarketers, and other non-revenue-generating callers.
  • Answering Services manage calls for individuals, one-man-shop operations, and both small and large businesses.  Each call is personalized with the client’s “Answer Phrase” and specific message questions/information.  This service is provided every minute of the day, every day of the year.  The operators are trained professionals, speaking clearly and pleasantly, accurately capturing all pertinent information.


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