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We’ve dedicated this page to clients so that you can get an understanding of what is happening across the country with websites and ADA Website Compliance and Accessibility.  Please view the video above and read the information here on the page to get an idea of what you should be doing to protect your business when it comes to your website.

Since 2018, some courts throughout the country have decided that websites are viewed as public accommodations and  they fall under Title III of the ADA.  To our knowledge there is Not Yet any law regarding a standard for ADA Website compliance but the increase in lawsuits over Accessibility on websites has prompted us to provide you with a solution to assist you.

Some Information Sources for Your Review:

Read Article:  ADA Website Lawsuits on the Rise

Read Article:  Number Falls in 2020 but Accessibility Lawsuits Rise 23%

ADA Information:  ADA Information Line

ADA Assist is not a guarantee of not getting sued. It is a preemptive measure to help you avoid lawsuits while no standards exist.   When the DOJ hands down standards we will pursue a full solution for you. Our goal is to provide you with tools and services to help you avoid accessiblity issues until such time a standard is enacted.